We are shaped following the losses of two close friends who sadly took their own lives. At the ages of just 15 and 29, one 12 years ago another more recently around 2.

Further to inclusive donations; Our garments are designed to help to break the stigma surrounding mental health. Often acting as visual encouragement to engage in conversation regarding mental health, they are a reoccurring reminder to everyone, that it is okay to not be okay and that we aren't alone.


- Engaging a  sense of community not brand.

You don’t have to look far to gauge an idea of the scale for how many people are struggling with their mental health.

By combining this with our donations to key charities that provide fundamental services, we believe we can start to reduce such preventable tragedies.

As a small-scale start-up, your support is everything to us.

A share, like, a post is worth its weight in gold. Let’s make it be cool to be kind, let’s do this together.

We are FL;FND, and you are our family.




By choosing sustainable options we ensure a higher level of environmental quality for the world we live in. By using free from, organic cotton and hemp materials, we ensure that there is no use of harmful chemicals. Energy and water consumption are also reduced to a minimum, resulting in a non-toxic environment where biodiversity can be effectively maintained. 



To support both people and our planet, through the medium of a subtly conscious design of streetwear that is created using only organic and sustainable options. We employ an ethical approach throughout our brand to benefit both people and the planet, representing the full circle of life.


 – saving our planet, and each other.



We are choosing to donate to charities that share our understanding that mental health must be both a national and local priority. In doing so, we are enabling improvement and further development of services, advice and resources.



We ensure ethical trading within our global supply chains combined with responsible working conditions, avoiding the exploitation of individuals.

Additionally, we are proud to say that all of our suppliers hold multiple certifications in accordance with European trade laws, sustainability and manufacturing regulations.